Boat harbor, Kavieng

Boat harbor, Kavieng, New Ireland PA180782

Strolling along the waterfront at any time of day is one of the nice things about staying in Kavieng. So much to see and so much of it so relaxing. And what could be more relaxing than watching a bunch of people watching other people messing around in boats?  :)

The sea around Kavieng and between Kavieng at the north-western tip of New Ireland and the the big island, New Hanover, is littered with small islands and atolls. These "banana boats" are the inter-island highway. (They don't carry bananas in particular although there are plenty of bananas grown, harvested, carried, and consumed, but are apparently named for their slightly curved shape which as you can see, isn't much of a curve at all! And there is that dark yellow!)

If you would like to take a banana boat tour, formal or informal, ask us about putting you in touch with reliable operators and negotiating a route and round trip fare for you.

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